VOIP, What is it?

Today, software is more important than the phone hardware.  Historically, our most critical communication system has been our phone system.  A primary goal has been to get people to call us.  We published books with phone numbers, paid for advertisements promoting our phone number and even paid for the long distance charges to incentivize people to call us at no cost to them.  To call and find out our hours, to get our address, to find out if a product is in stock, to make an appointment, to get more information or to just simply make a purchase over the phone.  Our phone systems are still one of the most critical systems in businesses today.  Just as cell phones have advanced from the brick phone to simply make calls to the miniature super computer in our hands with a maximum of 4 working buttons along with a touch screen, phone systems for the office have evolved in much the same way.  While a desktop phone and a handset are still more common than a softphone, phone systems have evolved to become more about the software driving the system and how it interacts with other programs than the actual hardware.  Important things to note are the standard software features, what features are available at an additional cost, how often the software will be upgraded and will there be a cost for the upgrade.  Take a look at this article for information on VOIP.  https://avataracloud.com/what-is-voip-or-voice-over-internet-protocol/